Bad Apple

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Title: Bad Apple
"Don’t let one bad apple ruin the bunch. We all know these people. You’ve met them. Everything is wrong, everything is negative, everything is rotten. These people have chosen to see only the rainy days and their glasses are always half full, better yet, empty. But it’s important for you to remember that your health and self care comes first. Keep that positivity going. Next time you find a bad apple amongst your bunch, gracefully side step that negativity. It’s not worth your time, your energy or your life."
Created By: Mr. Gray
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Hand Drawn Original: (1/1)
Materials: Faber-Castell Brush Pens & Copic Markers on Smooth Bristol. 
🎩  Hand-drawn original (1/1), signed by Mr. Gray and sealed in an acid free polypropylene sleeve to preserve the artwork for many years to come.  The drawings are shipped in a sturdy stay flat envelope and taped to a 24pt backing board and a firm piece of corrugated cardboard for added protection. Your package will arrive safely.
🎩  Color may vary depending on your monitor. 

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