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That's a great question! Mr. Gray, aka @QuickDrawMcDrew, is a children's cartoonist, coloring book creator, and host of The Mr. Gray Live Show! An inspirational and educational show that teaches kids how to draw cartoons in a simple step-by-step process.  It's a place where everyone is an artist and positivity and creativity remain king. Mr. Gray even has word for it, its called Sillitivity! (Positivity + Creativity + Silliness = Sillitivity) Mr. Gray's mission has always been to awaken and strengthen the imagination that lives in all of us because imagination never truly dies, it just plays hide-n-seek from time to time.

WATCH: SuperHero Snakes | The Mr. Gray Live Show! (ep #21)  Begins: 3:53

WATCH: Raccoon Doctor | Quick Draw Minute!

Mr. Gray even has an animated sidekick, Marty The Gator! Marty The Gator is a bright green silly talkin' southern alligator with an unlimited tank of energy, imagination and inspiration.  At times, he can be a little bit crazy and just plain weird but overall, he has a keen sense for art and the mental endurance required to chase your dreams.  So whether his advice is about drawing circles, how to hold your pencil or teaching how to stay positive and focused, his mission is simple; to make you the greatest artist in the world!

WATCH: Drawing Circles | Marty The Gator

Mr. Gray has four self published coloring books available for purchase right here and on Amazon! Each book has over 70+ drawings to color, hidden treasure hunts and fun facts on every page! (Mr. Gray's Animal Mash-Up Coloring Book in particular is loaded with FAKE facts since there really isn't a true fact about a Tyrannosaurus Monkey, as much as we wish there were.) So be sure to visit the online shop for autographed copies or head over to Amazon for the unsigned version for the low price of $9.99!

When you're done coloring Mr. Gray's books you can take it to the next level and learn how to draw characters from each coloring book on the YouTube Channel: How To Draw | with Mr. Gray! It's the complete experience for young aspiring artists who can now color these funny characters and also learn how they were created to inspire them set forth on their own creative journey.

WATCH: Pig Melon | How to Draw with Mr. Gray

So if you have drawn along with Mr. Gray LIVE, followed along with one of the YouTube videos or colored one of his fantastical coloring books, his objective is very simple; to inspire you to draw and to make you smile.

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