Artist Statement

I work in two basic mediums, acrylic on canvas and marker on paper. Marker on paper is nostalgic. Markers are my roots. The intimacy I experience when I sit down and let the marker glide across the page is home to me, my safe place. When I paint, it takes me on a journey that pushes me outside of that safe place and forces me to challenge myself creativity, ultimately taking me to places I never thought possible. Art has always been my one constant, my personal therapy session and the distraction I needed when the light around me turned dark. And to me, the best way that I can give back is to try and be a beacon of inspiration, a light to follow for those who need a little extra push.
So when I create, I have but one objective in mind, and that is to use my light to brighten the darkest corners of the mind. The part of the mind where imagination goes to die and negativity seems to reign supreme. Because I believe with the right amount positive fortitude and perseverance that all artists can remain determined and focused on their continued pursuit towards a successfully creative life. By spending more time with a laser like focus on all positive aspects of life while keeping a healthy dose of silliness in your back pocket, you would at least have the prerequisites to achieve those dreams. And that is exactly who I make art for, the dreamers.
My creative journey has led me to define my mission with one simple word: Sillitivity. It’s a word that represents the three ingredients I find necessary in executing my dreams:
Positivity, Creativity and a whole lot of Silliness.


Mr. Gray - PO Box 11711 Burbank, CA 91510 USA