I'm so excited to finally introduce to the world, my friend, my assistant and a man I could not live without...Marty The Gator! That's right my personal assistant, creative sidekick and a dear, dear friend.  Marty has been with me since the very beginning through every aspect of my creative journey.  He has helped to build me up when I'm feeling down and is always there to turn up the positivity when things are going just right! I'm so happy to call him my best friend. 

Marty The Gator is a very creative and intelligent gator. At times, he can be a little crazy and just plain weird but overall, he has a keen sense for art and the emotional endurance it takes to chase your dreams and make them a reality. So starting today, Marty will be here to help turn you into that great artist Marty and I know you can be!  Whether it's artist tips about how to loosen up your wrist to how to keep a clear mind and stay focused, Marty is here for you. So together, let's chase down those dreams and explore that artist within!  

Your wascally cartoonist, 


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