It's here!!

I am so excited to release this coloring book, not only because it's the third coloring book I've released this year, but because this is full of all the silly random animal Mash-Ups that I love to draw everyday! That's right. Animals. Mashed together. In sweet wacky harmony. This book is full of strange creatures, like Pigmelons, a Tyrannomonkey Rex and a Racctopus (Raccoon + Octopus) who loves to steal everyones candy! There are FAKE FACTS on every page, another super secret treasure hunt and pages for you to create your very own animal Mash-Ups right inside the book! I had an absolute blast putting this book together and I'm happy it's finally yours to own!

Don't wait, pick up your coloring book today and start your Mr. Gray collection! There is so much more to come. I say that a lot...but seriously, I have no plans of stopping. 

Mr. Gray's Animal Mash-Up Coloring Book ☛ BUY HERE!

Your Wascally Cartoonist,

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