The wait is over!

My fourth coloring book has finally arrived! The Animals & Friends Coloring Book Volume Two ZOMBIE EDITION! I'm so incredibly proud of this edition and how well it turned out.  There are 74 ghastly pages to color, 8 hidden zombie body parts to find and the detail is out of this world! (Ok...so I may be slightly biased, but seriously, its pretty detailed). This coloring book is simply a whole lot of fun and is here just in time for Halloween.

AND if you already own Volume One of The Animals and Friends series, you can now compare the two and see the transition from the living to the undead. In volume two, the pages are laid out the exact same way with the characters in the same order. The only difference now is that each page has become zombified!  So please enjoy my latest coloring book, don't forget to tell everyone you know, stay positive, stay creative and above all...have a very Happy Halloween!

The Animals & Friends Coloring Book: ZOMBIE EDITION ☛ BUY HERE!

Your Wascally Cartoonist,

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